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We provide industries with a very powerful NASA derived software tool previously unavailable to the public. Systems Management And Reporting Tool (SMART) has been exclusively licensed to Diversified Industries (DI) C&IS Inc. DI is a co-inventor of the SMART software and has updated and enhanced the software for commercial and military systems.

Project Managers use SMART to capture and develop organized, controlled processes that provide consistent, guided, best practice procedures. This flexible, structured design helps to achieve and ensure organized process stability across organizations, while minimizing process-creep.

SMART has a proven track record of reducing repair time of unplanned events on the Space Shuttle. Technicians and engineers use SMART to deliver a 30% to 40% time savings in resolving non-routine/unplanned maintenance and repairs when compared to traditional industry methods.

Teaming with well-established engineering companies, we are also
able to provide our customers with the following quality services: